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Scaling Customer Service: Lessons from Karma

  Investing in your existing resources is the best investing. When building a business from the ground up, you’re faced with a constant barrage of decisions. You establish metrics for success, which might include, say, revenue, or number of users, and then adapt based on those metrics. It’s pretty widely acknowledged that more customers = good. […]

Behind the Scenes: Celebrating Community.is’ 100th Issue! (or, Why Consistency Matters)

  It’s hard to believe that this day has come. While Community.is is just getting started as a platform, we’re shipping Community.is‘ 100th newsletter issue tomorrow (or today, depending on when you’re reading this)! Today, we’re celebrating a milestone of endurance and growth. If there is anything that we’ve learned from producing the past 100 Community.is newsletters, […]

Community Lessons from the Public Sector: Engagement Drives Innovation, Not Visa Versa

This post is the third of a three-part series on lessons companies can learn on community-driven innovation from the civic innovation movement. The civic innovation movement, in which governments look to organizations across sectors and their constituents to improve their services, is not just about emblazoning the merits of democracy with token public engagement. Public […]

The Power of Low-Barrier Engagement for New Users

  Like many people in tech, I’m constantly downloading, testing and then deleting new apps. The window for which to engage and hold my attention is slim. That’s why low barrier engagement, the immediate emergence of a new user into an experience that elicits a response or provides value, can be so powerful. Low barrier […]

How to Get the Engagement that You Actually Want

  It’s every product manager’s and community manager’s dream to know and visibly see how much their product and platform is loved. You know what to look for: Engagement is high – much higher than you expected! Users are spreading the word without you even having to ask. Numbers are growing day by day. But, […]

Community Lessons from the Public Sector: Culture is More Important Than Strategy

  This post is the second of a three-part series on lessons companies can learn on community-driven innovation from the civic innovation movement. When thinking of cultures of innovation, the public sector is likely the last place that comes to mind. However, an increasing number of public offices, in large part due to budget deficits, […]

Community Lessons from the Public Sector: Collaboration, Not Competition

  This post is the first of a three-part series on lessons companies can learn from community-driven innovation in the civic innovation movement. Yes, you read that title right. The public sector is leading the way in community-centered approaches to generating new ideas and approaches: the civic innovation movement. Civic innovation is often seen as […]

This is Why You’re Stuck in the Trenches (and, what you can do about it)

  Our love/hate thing with the internet is that it’s always there. It’s there tucking us into bed at night with its blue-ish phone glow, it’s keeping us company on the toilet, and it’s helping us to find the last minute location details for the party tonight. But, this also means that there are always […]