Behind the Scenes: Celebrating’ 100th Issue! (or, Why Consistency Matters)

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It’s hard to believe that this day has come. While is just getting started as a platform, we’re shipping‘ 100th newsletter issue tomorrow (or today, depending on when you’re reading this)! Today, we’re celebrating a milestone of endurance and growth.

If there is anything that we’ve learned from producing the past 100 newsletters, it is that community is a practice of consistency. When starting under Loyal back in 2013, we were cognizant of time constraints and took on the commitment to haphazardly, initially promising ourselves only an experiment. If other people find this interesting, we said, we’ll keep on at it. We were disappointed at first. Not many people shared’ content on social media, which we at first assumed to mean that it wasn’t interesting or valuable. We considered putting to rest.

But, in those first few months of production and continuing still today, we received so many thank you’s and love letters each week asking us to produce more. And, we saw in the analytics how the newsletters and articles were passed among teams and between friends via email, resulting in 100% organic and referral signups. In fact, our most read content over time was often the least publicly shared. We realized that success for would look a bit different than we’d expect: friends, new clients, referrals, reach, thought leadership, and our own mini-community. It was good for Loyal, and it was good for community at large. So, we kept at it.

Today, is a lot more than just a newsletter – it’s a platform and content site read by executives, marketers, strategists, creatives and community managers at top agencies, brands and startups around the world. And, it’s grown quite significantly. Here are a few key stats:

  • 2 days – time it took for to hit its Month1 post-platform launch traffic goal
  • 99.2% growth – rate of newsletter signups since launching as an independent platform just over a month ago
  • 33% conversion – rate of a new reader to a subscriber, without the help of any popup prompts
  • 100 issues - number of weekly newsletters produced thus far
  • 1.5 years – time Loyal waited for the domain ownership to expire before we could buy it
  • 29 subscribers – people who received’ very first newsletter issue in April 2013
  • 8 contributors – people, including 5 subscribers, who have handcrafted the newsletter over the course of 2 years
  • 1-4 hours – time spent each week producing the newsletter, not including original content
  • 8 hours – time spent designing our very first newsletter template

Nearly two years into, it has become part of Loyal’s weekly process, and it’s here to stay for the long haul. We’re looking forward to continuing the consistency, the practice and the craft of building under Loyal. Thanks for reading and encouraging us along :). And, of course, do let us know if there is anything you’d like to see here.