Hello World! Welcome to the new Community.is.


In April of 2013, Community.is began as Loyal’s weekly newsletter to a handful of close friends as a light-weight way to share our thoughts on community. We designed it to be easy to consume and complimentary for our client work in community strategy and development. But, even in its nascent stage, we had the distinct ambition and plan to grow Community.is into something much more than just a newsletter.

This site here is that next step towards something more, a V1 platform for Community.is — with a true identity and a spankin’ new website, both related to but completely separate from Loyal. Yet still, Community.is is for anyone who puts people at the center of their work. On this site, you’ll find three types of content:

  • An archive of our weekly newsletter to reference as a moment of time
  • Resources to make you better at your craft
  • Blog articles to define, educate and inspire anyone who puts people at the center of their work

All of this is designed with slow consumption and high quality in mind. As for new content, you will see today and in the coming weeks more original thought leadership from Loyal and our select contributor community. For our long-time readers, your favorite legacy content from Loyal’s blog now appears here on Community.is with redirected links to maintain the integrity of previous shares.

Screenshot 2015-02-09 14.14.29

We put a lot of thought and time into this next step for Community.is. We knew that as one of the first community development agencies, we have interesting perspectives and opinions to share — yes, many opinions, but also proven learnings and facts. In sharing that point of view, Community.is organically grew to attract the weekly opens, clicks, forwards and love letters from professionals all over the world, all putting people at the center of their work: community managers, brand directors, heads of product, digital strategists, UX designers, creatives and chief executives. Our readers represented such variant companies as Adobe, Capital One, Mother, R/GA, Undercurrent, BuzzFeed, Creative Mornings, Lyft, Etsy, Percolate, Vimeo and Noodle.

And, we saw the way in which our subscribers consumed our content, passing it along internally within their companies and providing an unimaginably-long shelf life. We wondered if there was a way in which we could do this at greater scale and with greater reach. In parallel, we recognized the need to diverge the way in which we spoke to clients and potential collaborators with how we spoke to the world at large.

This iteration of Community.is was the outcome of the above: an independent platform for us to speak and share with the world at large about putting people at the center of our work.

Last, but definitely not least, Community.is would not be here today without the support of our own internal community. Our brand identity was created by Nate Moulton, the Community.is hero was hand-drawn and made Internet-ready by Sharon McPeake, and the UI was designed was by Krystle Mobayeni. Dozens of Community.is’ subscribers and Loyal’s friends, mentors and partners provided feedback both on design and strategy – thank you!

This is just one step for Loyal and Community.is. As a mentor said to me recently, “Sarah, you’re only in Vegas. Everything is shiny, and new, and hard right now. But, you still have the whole country ahead of you. Keep driving.

More to come. To the long view!


  • jelenawoehr

    Congrats on the shiny new set of skin! :) Enjoy Vegas–looking forward to waving as you see the rest of the country too! ;)

    • sarahjuddwelch

      Thanks Jelena! Very excited to have you along for the ride :)