Community.is is for anyone who puts people at the center of their work.

This site is a V1 platform for the new Community.is. Here, you’ll find three types of content: an archive of our weekly newsletter to reference as a moment of time, resources to make you better at your craft, and blog content to define, educate and inspire anyone who puts people at the center of their work. All of this is designed with slow consumption and high quality in mind.

Community.is began in April 2013 as Loyal‘s weekly newsletter to a handful of close friends.  Since then, it has grown to attract the weekly opens, clicks, forwards and love letters from the likes of community managers, brand directors, heads of product, digital strategists, UX designers, creatives and chief executives from around the world. Our subscribers, and now readers, hail from such variant companies as Adobe, Capital One, Mother, R/GA, Undercurrent, BuzzFeed, Creative Mornings, Lyft, Etsy, Percolate, Vimeo and Noodle.

We started Community.is as a dip-our-toes-in-the-water mean through which to share our thoughts on community, with the distinct ambition and plan of becoming more as warranted and able. After observing the way in which Community.is’ content was consumed — passed along internally within companies and with an unimaginably-long shelf life — we wondered if there was a way in which we could do this at greater scale. Throughout brand refreshes and new layouts towards this current iteration, our aim has remained the same.

Community.is will continue to update over time – so please feel free to send your feedback and requests. For content contributions and opportunities, we welcome your collaboration. For general and client-related inquires, you can get in touch with Loyal here.


Sarah, CEO/Head of Community Design, Loyal

As with mosts endeavors, Community.is wouldn’t be here today without our internal community which provided feedback and support – thank you! The Community.is brand identity was designed by Nate Moulton, the Community.is hero was illustrated by Sharon McPeake, and UI was designed and managed by Krystle Mobayeni. So, so, so much gratitude for these ones.