Community.is is for anyone who puts people at the center of their work.

Community.is began in April 2013 as Loyal‘s weekly newsletter to a handful of close friends to define, educate and inspire on community. Since then, it has grown to attract the weekly opens, clicks, forwards and love letters from thousands of digital, brand, content and product leaders from around the world. Our subscribers hail from Adobe, MailChimp, National Geographic, Capital One, Mother, R/GA, BuzzFeed, Lyft, Etsy, Percolate, Vimeo and many more. Our unique content curation, newsletter format and template design has been recognized by Contently, HubSpot, Bufferswissmiss and CreativeMornings.

Today, Community.is covers a wide range of topics at the intersections of technology, community building, customer experience, and user-centered design. Community.is continues to update over time – please feel free to send your feedback and requests. For sponsors and curators, we welcome your collaboration. For general and client-related inquires, you can get in touch with Loyal here.

To the future,

Sarah, Founder/Head of Strategy, Loyal